Fournier Street Sitting Room
Fournier Street Kitchen
Fournier Street Sitting Room
Fournier Street Bedroom 1
Fournier Street Bedroom 2
Fournier Street Bathroom 1
Fournier Street Bathroom 2
Fournier Street Church
Townhouse, Fournier Street

Townhouse, Fournier Street

Stay in Spitalfields to experience an area of London that is like no other. For centuries immigrants have arrived here to begin their new lives in a strange country and each wave has left its own mark on the area: the French Huguenots and the Jews from eastern Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries and more recently the Bangladeshis ..... Now it has become a vibrant area for all ages and cultures to mix and sample the endless variety of Spitalfields life.
I have had an antique shop in one of the early eighteenth century weavers’ houses in Spitalfields for ten years and when I arrived the building was virtually derelict. It had never been plumbed or wired apart from the shop and almost all of the original panelling had been boarded over seventy years ago – but fortunately this had preserved it. While the building was being restored Spitalfields itself was changing, becoming a destination for people to see these early buildings. Few are available to stay in for a short period (the Landmark Trust has one on Princelet Street), so I have decided to let the apartment out to visitors to London – I hope you will love it as much as I do.

Find out more about staying in Spitalfields at Town House for 3 or 4 days or longer.

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© Copyright 2012 F Atkins.
With thanks to Adam Dant for the sketches and Jeremy Freedman for the photos.